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Unlimited Dog Training for De-Fence Your Pet® System

Training: How It Works

De-Fence Your Pet® provides FREE UNLIMITED training support. De-Fence Your Pet® uses a revolutionary reward based training method called Gentle Start™, the first in this area. De-Fence Your Pet® training teaches your dog to stay out of the warning tone zone by using only the slightest levels of stimulation combined with generous rewards.

Family and Dog in Yard
Little Girl and Puppy
Dog Training

A visual flag boundary is placed and an audible beep from the receiver/collar are combined during the training process. De-Fence Your Pet® TEACHES the dog it's boundaries first and only the most minuscule amounts of stimulation are used in this process. Our competitors still use archaic punishment-based training. As one competitor's former client wrote to us, after switching to De-Fence Your Pet®: "[The competitor] did no training with my three Rat Terriers. In other words, they 'drug them in and lit them up.' "

In contrast, De-Fence Your Pet® Gentle Start™ training is more effective and faster at teaching your dog to stay home, even with those ornery squirrels tempting him out. Most of De-Fence Your Pet® clients are finished training in six days, generally accomplished without a bark, cry or whimper from their dogs. The dogs have room to run but no longer roam from home.

At De-fence Your Pet® We Know Dogs Are Family.

That's why we use only the most humane training and developed our program based on reward-based training techniques. Kyle Heyen, our founder and the person who will train your dog with our hidden pet fence system, has over 30 years of professional dog training experience. For years Kyle trained law enforcement service dogs. He has put his knowledge and training to work at De-Fence Your Pet® developing what we believe is the most animal-friendly way to keep your pet safe and at home. Let him bring his training and experience to your pet. He's only a phone call away, and then your pet can be "room to run, but not roam from home"—just like the puppy undergoing training in the photos above.

Cute Puppy

Calm Family Pet

Puppy and Christmas Tree

Well-Behaved Dog